The history of JS Companies

The history of JS Companies spans over four decades and a lot has changed over the years. New technologies now allow us to communicate, innovate and implement business models in a way that wasn’t possible in the past.

On the other hand, some things have not changed at all. Our passionated commitment and entrepreneurial spirit are still the same.

Four decades of innovation

From humble beginnings


The history of JS Companies began in the city of Örnsköldsvik in 1961.


1961 - El-Centralen (transl. Electric central) was founded by the German-born entrepreneur Helmut Schulze in the city of Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. He quickly became known as a charismatic entrepreneur with a strong drive to make things happen.


1972 - As the business grew and the number of employees increased, unbundling became the next natural step. And so Malux Elektro AB was founded, a business focusing on the marketing and selling of materials for use in explosive atmospheres. Ma = machine, lux = lights.


1979 - The first subsidiary, Oy Scan Malux AB was founded.


1982 - Jörgen Schulze, Helmut's son, aquired the company from his father.


1984 - The product range was extended with tele-products through Malux Telmekano AB. A new office was opened in Stockholm.


1990 - The subsidiary company Malux Data AB was founded in order to complete the company group.


1994 - Malux East Ltd was founded the 27th of September, the same day as the ferry MS Estonia sank in the Baltic Sea in one of the worst maritime disaster of the 20th century. Jörgen Schulze had a ticket booked on that ferry on his way back to Sweden. Due to bad weather he decided to go by air instead. 


1997 - The product range was extended with Allgons and Carants antennas and emergency lights from CEAG.


2000 - The product range was extended with communication equipment and vandal safe lights. 


2002 - Malux's safety department opens. The company Flexeurope AB is founded. 


2006 - Malux Elektro and Malux Tele are merged into the new company Malux Sweden AB


2007 - The company Accenta was purchased to expand the emergency light department.


2010 - The digital and branding company Meimi (today: Add Cream) and the electronic company TF Nordic AB were founded. 


2011 - The Malux group decides to refine and to focus on its core operation in Industry/Ex, Lights and Communication. As a result, Malux Data is aquired by an international IT company. 


2015 - Malux Holding is renamed to JS Companies (JSC).


The portfolio still grows
The current company portfolio of JS Companies contains a mix of companies from a wide range of industries. All of them with a common passion to build business relationships based on trust.